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Judy Norton

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Richard Skipper about his passion for theatre and Hello, Dolly! in particular.  It is such a treat to meet a fellow artist who so loves what he does. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful experiences with all of us through your work, your blog, your websit, AND your upcoming book…  Carry on… it is appreciated and relished!!

Lee Schiller

Head’s-Up!! My friend, Richard Skipper is working on the definitive “Hello Dolly” tribute. His book is sure to be as beautifully written as his blog, “Richard Skipper Celebrates!“, as informative as his on-camera celebrity interviews and as much fun as his stage performances!! ‘Google’ Richard Skipper!! (And skim my “likes” and do “like-wise”)

Bruce Morgan

Richard Good info here! it is important to see these details and it constitutes real history so I like it. It is honest and details are important Tony Lamond account sounds very accurate.

Francie Mendenhall

Richard is such a lover of the theatre ~ a real treasure. I thank him so much for realizing his dream of remembering the Dollys of Hello Dolly! and for allowing me to participate in the fun~ Merde Richard!

Judith Drake

Thanks for the loverly interview on my youthful experience with three different companies of “Hello Dolly!” You brought back wonderful memories, as did your other “Dolly” chapters! What a great idea, and how beautifully brought to life!