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Terry DeMari

Many many thanks to Richard Skipper for taking the time to include my thoughts and memories of four productions of Hello, Dolly!, with Carol Channing, Eve Arden, Ginger Rogers and Dorothy Lamour, for his book. His thoughtful considerate questions were appreciated and more than helpful. Although I have never seen Richard perform in person, I have heard of his extraordinary talent and look forward to seeing him perform someday. I am honored to be included in his book and have great expectations for this project.

Josh Ellis

Richard Skipper is the embodiment of the spirit of Dolly Levi. He is an “enthusiast,” a word that has also been applied to Thornton Wilder. Richard celebrates when others criticize. He forgives when others find faults. He understands the hard work of theatre but hasn’t become jaded or discouraged. In short, he is the perfect person to chronicle HELLO, DOLLY!, allowing a large number of people associated with the musical to have their say. Richard and DOLLY! are a perfect match.

Nancy Sinclair

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Richard for allowing me to be a part of his book on all the Dolly’s that will come out on the anniversary of the show’s beginnings! It is such a small world. Richard and I have so many friends and people that we have both worked with in common. In many ways it was like old home week when we talked on the phone. Thank you Richard for adding the pictures and for being such a good listener and making our conversation just that…a great conversation. I am truly thrilled and excited and I wish you nothing but the best in everything you do!!

Anne Russell

Thank you for your lovely chapter on me and my time as Dolly. It’s flattering to be the subject of a good writer, and I sincerely appreciate your interest and time. Isn’t it incredible to realize how many lives have been touched by this marvelous show? I truly hope your work will materialize into a fine book, and millions of copies will be bought and read. Count me as one of the first! Warmest regards.

Paul E. Brogan

Richard – You are amazing!!!! Finding these wonderful people and getting them to share their own memories is creating a legacy about an era in show business that is unsurpassed and the impact that one show had. Your ultimate book will be a reference that will be a must for all scholars and just those seeking insight laced with humor and heartfelt warmth. Bravo!!!