Betty Buckley has found her match with ‘Hello, Dolly!’ By Christopher Wallenberg Globe Correspondent,August 8, 2019


Betty Buckley was the last actress Betty Buckley ever imagined playing the role of the irrepressible matchmaker Dolly Levi in the 1964 musical theater classic “Hello, Dolly!” Not only did this theatrical luminary never envision herself as a match for the character, she openly acknowledges she wasn’t a fan of the show when she saw it in college starring Pearl Bailey. As a young woman, she was smitten with the darkly sensual work of Bob Fosse, so the old-fashioned “Dolly” seemed like a relic.

“I didn’t understand why people were so happy to see this woman in these beautiful hats and costumes flouncing around the stage,” Buckley says over the phone on a week off from the show, while sitting in her car in a supermarket parking lot in Fort Worth, not far from her horse ranch. “I just didn’t understand the depth of the story by any means.” (Read MORE)