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A Short Biography. . .

Due to the Covid pandemic, Richard's focus has been on his Live Stream series on YouTube, Richard Skipper Celebrates. (Please subscribe!) celebrating The Arts, Artists, and their Bodies of WORTH, a cross between James Lipton and Merv Griffin.

Check out Richard’s YouTube Channel and especially take a look at the various playlists for the best binge watching experiences.

Follow Richard on Facebook and tune in weekly for his ‘Coffee Klatch' Facebook Live Broadcast, chance to come together and celebrate each other always positive and upbeat.

Be sure and read Richard’s Blog and keep up with the latest.  And don't forget to peruse this website, CallonDolly.com, celebrating all things Hello, Dolly!

Also, on the Full Moon of each Month, Richard has a Positive Full Mooning Book Club. The next full Moon will occur on Sunday, July 5, 2020, at 12:44AM ET, and is known as the Full Buck Moon. It is also known as the Thunder Moon, Hay Moon, or the Wort Moon.

A Few Audience Testimonials about Richard Skipper Celebrates

What a beautiful treat to hear and see Richard Skipper's conversation with one of my favorite performers in the world, Marta Sanders. It was relaxed, funny and full of insight about music and the evolution of NYC’s cabaret scene. Thank you!
Katie McGrath, http://www.katiedunnemcgrath.com 

Richard Skipper,
I just want to say how much I enjoyed your interview with Marta Sanders 6/17/20.  I worked with Marta back during her Cruise days and had lost touch. I loved her then and enjoyed going to her shows back then with other friends.  I'm so happy to reconnect and so enjoyed your interview today.  What an amazing story of her life. Thanks Richard ....
Ann Hayward, NYC 

What makes Richard Skipper so extraordinary?  Once encountered, you'll remember him forever and want to see a lot more of him.  Handsome? check   Uber-talented?  check Smart and articulate?  check   He has a way of holding his audience in the palm of his hand that the greatest entertainers have had since the beginning of show business. On stage, he shares intimate feelings and vulnerable moments in his life, and you feel privileged to be in the same room with him. He's a magician who can make you laugh and cry within the same sentence. He's kind, caring, generous and full of love. And into this glorious mix, throw in his genuine nature. And he sings too!  Richard makes you feel like he's performing for you alone - he makes you forget all the others in the audience.  And one last thing I must mention.  When you're actually having a conversation with him off stage and in a crowd, he looks right at you, listens to you and isn't constantly looking over your shoulder to see who else may be around who can do something for him.  You gotta love this guy. I'll bet he's a good cook too.
Margo McKee, NYC

A review of ACT II's CURRENT production of Hello, Dolly! I will be doing a talk back after the 2PM performance on Saturday, June 3rd 2023.