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Sally Struthers

In 2014, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Hello, Dolly!, Sally Struthers576016b963317.image embarked on a national tour of Hello, Dolly! It wasn’t the first time that she has played this irrepressible matchmaker.

Here is the promo video for this tour. Click HERE

hello-dollyjpg-1752dd3c5599babc“Theater is not for sissies,” Struthers said by phone during a stop on this tour” “I know a lot of actors who would never step a foot on the stage because it’s too hard. It’s really tough to learn an entire play, memorize all of the dialogue, all of songs and the blocking and choreography and57d0b79d68fda.image then do it beginning to end without stopping.”

 Before The Parade Passes By

Struthers, whose decades-long career includes two Emmy Awards as Gloria in maxresdefault“All in the Family,” surely has presence, but not so much that “Dolly!” becomes the Sally Struthers show. Her performance is big and bold, and she sings it well, but she also acts it well, particularly in the not-so-brash moments when Dolly is talking to her late husband, Ephraim Levi.10977265
-Sally Struthers struts her stuff in ‘Hello, Dolly!’ (theater review)

Hello, Dolly!

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Updated 8/25/17