A Look at Five More ‘Dollys’ of Hello, Dolly! BY LOGAN CULWELL-BLOCK JUL 12, 2018 You asked, we answered: From Pearl Bailey to Ethel Merman, here are more of the many award-winning and crowd-stirring actors who have brought Dolly Gallagher Levi to life on stage and screen.

We received a lot of feedback that our recent “Which Dolly Are You?” quiz was missing some fantastic Dollys, particularly the erasure of Tony Award winner Pearl Bailey—and that was correct! While we typically have to limit our personality quizzes to around five possible results, excluding Pearl Bailey as a possible result was wrong. We apologize, we are addressing it, and are committed to doing better. We appreciate you calling us out! (Source:Logan Culwell-Block is a musical theatre historian, Playbill’s manager of research, and curator of Playbill Vault@loganculwell)